Agenda 01/06/2016

18:30 – “Welcome to c0nfrar1a
Org. Confraria

“O novo regulamento europeu da privacidade e proteção de dados pessoais”
João Paulo Ribeiro

“Uber Hacking: how we found out who you are, where you are and where you went”
Fábio Pires, Filipe Reis e Vitor Oliveira

What can be more exciting than being authorized to test one of the most hyped companies in 2016 ? In this talk we will diving into uber’s bug bounty program and detail our findings and profits.

“Solving Google 2016 CTF Mobile Challenges”
Cláudio André

I will show the step by step solution of the three mobile (Android) challenges that Google had on their CTF. It involves decompiling, dynamic analysis and some coding.